• Vincent Zhou

    Founding Partner of FBG Capital

  • Olaf Carlson-Wee

    CEO of Polychain Capital

  • Richard Liu

    Partner of FBG Capital

  • Mike Chen

    CEO of Block72

  • Paul Veradittakit

    Partner of Pantera Capital

  • Balaji S. Srinivasan

    CTO of Coinbase

  • Dawn Song

    CEO of Oasis Labs

  • Alexander Pack

    Partner of Dragonfly Capital

  • Brendan Eich

    CEO of Basic Attention Token

  • Nathaniel Popper

    Journalist of NY Times

  • Alex Shin

    Partner of Hashed

  • Zhuling Chen

    Co-Founder of aelf

  • Rob Massey

    Tax Partner of Deloitte

  • Arjun Saxena

    Partner of Strategy& | PwC

  • Kyle Samani

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner
    of Multicoin Capital

  • David Chaum

    CEO / Founder of Elixxir

  • Jack Lee

    Founding Managing Partner
    of HCM Capital

  • James Radecki

    Global Head of Business Development
    of Cumberland

  • Shane Molidor

    Global Head of FBG One

  • Avichal Garg

    Partner of Electric Capital

  • Kartik Talwar

    Partner of A.Capital

  • Sinhae Lee

    Partner of GBIC / Block72

  • Michael Arrington

    Partner of XRP Fund

  • Liam Robertson

    CEO of Alphabit

  • Andy Bromberg

    Co-founder & President of CoinList

  • MacLane Wilkison

    Co-founder of NuCypher

  • Mik Naayem

    Chief Business Officer of Axiom Zen

  • Daniel Chen

    CEO of OpenToken

  • Chris Wang

    CEO of Thunder Token

  • Cindy Cheng

    Partner of Vy Capital

  • Edward Moncada

    CEO of Blockfolio

  • Viktor Fischer

    Managing Partner of Rockaway Blockchain Fund / Rockaway Capital

  • Joyce Yang

    Founder of Global Coin Research

  • Howard Wu

    Founding Partner of Dekrypt Capital

  • David Lee

    Partner of Refactor Capital

  • Ronen Kirsh

    Partner of Dekrypt Capital

  • Ari Meilich

    Project Lead of Decentraland

  • David Wachsman

    Founder & CEO of Wachsman

  • Kevin Ding

    Investment MD of DHVC

  • Jonathan Allen

    Partner of Dekrypt Capital

  • Kristy Kim

    Founder & CEO of OmbreData

  • Mayra Ceja

    Partner of Republic Crypto

  • Raymond Cheng

    CTO of Oasis Labs

  • Lu Hua

    Co-Founder & CEO of Cred

  • Dan Schatt

    Co-Founder & President of Cred

  • Haseeb Qureshi

    General Partner
    of MetaStable Capital

  • Prof.Aleksandar Kuzmanovic

    Co-founder of bloXroute Labs

  • Liu Jin

    Chairman of ABCMint Foundation

  • Martin Garcia

    Managing Director
    of Genesis Trading

  • Matthew Ballensweig

    Head of Business Development
    of Genesis Capital

  • Ryan Rabaglia

    Head of Trading of OSL

  • Lily Liu

    Founder of Earn.com

  • Nathan Li

    Partner of FBG Investment

  • Michael Zochowski

    Founder & CEO of Logos Network

  • Peter Fedchenkov

    Co-founder of Insolar

  • Lyuben Belov

    General Partner
    of StakeZero Ventures

  • Alexander Skidanov

    Co-founder of NEAR Protocol

  • Max Skibinsky


  • Mai Fujimoto

    Co-founder of Miss Bitcoin

  • John Collins

    Partner of FS Vector

  • Hao Chen

    CEO of Koi Trading

  • Ryan Zurrer

    Board Member of Web3 Foundation Angel Investor Cryptoeconomics specialist

  • Epperly Li

    Partner of Permissionless Ventures
    & Investment Director of BitMain

  • Jimmy Nguyen

    CEO of nChain Group

  • Yingkai (Kevin) Xu

    Founder of BlockVC

  • Robert Leshner

    Founder of Compound

  • Eric Tang

    Co-founder of Livepeer

  • Harry Halpin

    Senior Research Scientist
    of Inria/MIT

  • René Cao

    Vice President of Binance Info

  • Joon Bhang

    Senior Executive Advisor of Korbit

  • Ariel Ling

    Co-founder & COO
    of BitMax.io / GDM

  • Denis Lam

    CEO of IoTBlock

  • David Roebuck

    Principal of Sora Ventures

  • Andrew Fai

    Co-chair of Asia Blockchain Alliance & CEO of OBITO.IO

  • Alex Marinier

    Partner of Distributed Global

  • Anton Uvarov

    General Partner of Kosmos Capital

  • Vincent Gramoli

    CEO & Co-founder
    of Red Belly Blockchain

  • Stephen Tse

    Founder & CEO of Harmony

  • Wes Levitt

    Head of Strategy of Theta Labs

  • Ali Hassan

    Co-Founder & CEO
    of Crescent Crypto

  • Christopher Matta

    Co-Founder of Crescent Crypto

  • Dorjee Sun

    Project Manager of Perlin

  • Emma Liao

    Co-founder of Ultrain

  • Thomas France

    Co-founder of Ledger

  • JP Thieriot

    CEO of Uphold

  • Joshua Ho

    Co-Founder of QCP Capital

  • Xiaozhou Li

    Co-founder of Celer Network

  • Can Kisagun

    Co-founder of Enigma

  • Chen Fang

    Founder of Lumina

  • Adam Goldberg

    Partner of
    Lightspeed Venture Partners

  • Josh Fraser

    Co-founder of Original Protocol

  • Joony Koo

    Partner at Block Crafters Capital & Director of Business Development at Block Crafters

  • Bob Vosalik

    Head of Europe / Investment Director
    of FBG Capital

  • Steven Chen

    Co-Founder & Managing Partner
    at Norís

  • Edith Yeung

    Partner of
    500 Startups (Greater China)

  • Jon Rice

    Co-Founder & Managing Editor
    of Crypto Briefing

  • Dazhi Guo

    Chief Economist of KOFO

  • Toya

    Nervos Foundation

  • Matt Hu

    CEO of TokenInsight

  • Evan Kereiakes

    Core Researcher of Terra

  • Nakhoon Choi

    International Director
    Korea Blockchain Association / Advisor
    of YAP Chain

  • Natalia Karayaneva

    CEO and Founder
    of Propy Inc.

  • Michael Terpin

    CEO of Transform Group & General Partner of Alphabit Fund

  • TF Guo

    Co-founder of Taxa Network

  • Shahriar H.

    Legal Advisor of Opentoken & CCO of Genesis Mining

  • Katelyn Mew

    VP of Product
    Marketing-Institutional at HBUS

  • Steve Yue

    Partner of Dorahacks

  • Xiaohan Zhu

    CEO of Meter.io

  • Joshua Greenwald

    CEO of LXDX

  • Augusto Teixeira

    CSO of Cartesi

  • Jingwen Sun

    FBG Investment

  • Richy Qiao

    Director of FBG Capital

  • Lioyd Park

    CEO of YAP Chain

  • Daniel An

    CDO of YAP Chain

  • Ted Mlynar

    Partner at Hogan Lovells

  • Peter Abilla

    VP of Marketing
    and Community of Mainframe

  • Phillip Liu

    Strategy of Avalanche
    Investment Manager of JLAB | JD Capital


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